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Race Data Logger for Rental Go Karts

To get faster on a go kart track it's helpful if you can learn from every lap you do on a track. I have found a nice setup to record my split times and analyze the data on my phone directly. I like that I can use it for any outdoor rental kart.

Build your own Racing data logger using your smartphone and tape it to your helmet.

Smartphone App + GoPro + External GPS

I use my smartphone as a racing station and have it with me in my pocket while racing. In combination with my action cam mounted on the helmet it's great for sharing the laps as high quality video with racing overlays.

  • iPhone and Android phone as base station and lap timer display
  • GoPro action cam
  • External bluetooth GPS sensor taped on the helmet

RaceChrono App for Outdoor Karting

The RaceChrono App enables you to get started quickly. After installing the free version you can search for existing race tracks. If your preferred track is not listed you can even create one in just a few minutes. The go-kart circuit in my area wasn't listed so I set the markers in the map within the app and I was ready to race.

Like advanced professional lap timers it will automatically recognize the start/finish line and start your lap when you pass the position.

Action Cam mounted

Your GoPro is a great camera with built in stabilization features. I would recommend to start with a full hd quality setup. This will make the transfer to your phone quicker and enable you to analyze your data directly on the phone.

Even though your smartphone has a built in GPS sensor in most cases it won't be accurate and fast enough to gather enough position data points for your outdoor go karting track. I am using the GARMIN GLO device.

Find out where to get faster

Right after your first laps you can grab your phone and take a look at your section times and compare your laps.

  1. Enable the time delta chart metric
  2. Look at time delta peeks and find your fastest sections times
  3. Compare your line, corner entry speed and speed at the apex

Dig Deeper on a big screen

After each track day I am exporting my sessions from RaceChrono as VBO files and open them on my Mac or Windows PC using the free Circuit Tools desktop software. When heading to the next track day I also look at my last sessions and define corners and sections to work on.