Racing Lines - Perfect Cornering Techniques

Mastering the racing line is one of the first tasks I am doing to work on my lap times. Before I go to a racetrack, I will draw my line onto the map and prioritize the corners which I would like to work on first.

Draw your racing line

Choose one of the following outdoor tracks and draw your racing line for your next race.

Go kart racing tracks around . Use the map and filters to narrow your results.



Race Tracks Around

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How to draw your racing line

I am focusing on the fastest corners first and then looking at the corners leading to a straightaway.

  1. The geometrical line is usually the best for fast corners connecting straightaways
  2. Late turn in and late apex for corners leading to a straightaway
  3. In a set of curves focus on the last corner leading to a straightaway. My goal is to be as early as possible on the throttle, apex late and maximize my corner exit speed

I think that satellite images of outdoor tracks are a great way to analyse the track and draw racing lines. 🏁