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Professional Race Coaches use our Racing Line Editor

We are happy to have Dion von Moltke, founder of Racers360 as one of our first professional race coaches using our new Racing Line Editor.

Our tool helps him to easily work on racing lines for various tracks around the world. Like him, you can draw acceleration, braking and transition lines directly on satellite photos. We also added an embed functionality so you can add your created lines to your website or blog.

How to optimize your lap times

Mastering the racing line is one of the first things to work on when going to a new track. We built a tool that will make the process of analyzing the track and learning reference points more easily.

Draw your racing line now

Start with the fastest corners

Focus on the fastest corners first and then look at the corners leading to a straightaway.

  1. The geometrical line is usually the best for fast corners connecting straightaways
  2. Turn in late and apex late for corners leading to a straightaway
  3. In a set of curves focus on the last corner leading to a straightaway

Compare lines and find racing lines from other racers

We are working on a new version and you will soon be able to learn from other racing lines and compare lines as well.